Alice meets the iPad

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Alice in Wonderland meets the iPad. The other day I had a meeting at a major publisher to discuss this very thing. Not Alice in Wonderland but the way in which books can become more interactive, social and engaging across devices. Alice for the iPad just scratches the surface.

(Hat tip 401st Blow)

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  1. Omar elbaga

    That’s interesting. There’s also where they incorporate video right into the book but it’s only available online.

    I think they have an ipad app for it. I’m also working on something where authors write a book online and can record their narration and add YouTube videos to broaden the experience of the book at

    I think these ideas are huge for everyone involved in multimedia. I think too many filmmakers are still thinking too traditionally.

    It’s ok for Hollywood to take it’s time because once they decide they could roll out whatever they want in an instant.

    Indie filmmakers however need to be more diligent in what they spend their energy on and how the distribute their ideas.

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