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Black Moth Super Rainbow

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Black Moth Super Rainbow’s “Born On A Day The Sun Didn’t Rise” – Brings to mind the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev which makes sense since producer Dave Fridmann is behind the knobs. The new album “Eating Us” comes out 5/26


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Every thought that you had an awesome name for a band? I stumbled upon @awesomebandname on twitter. There are some entertaining names BUT the real find is this link to a visual mapping of metal band names. The visualization includes categories such as deadly things, pleas for help, foreign sounding and badass spellings.

Worth a Bookmark – HAMMER TO NAIL

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Looking for something beyond the summer blockbuster? Hammer to Nail is a champion of films that fly under the mainstream radar. Written by those who love film, Hammer to Nail offers a breath of fresh air by covering what is “truly” independent film. So before you download, rent, or head out to the cinema check out HTN.

Worth a Bookmark – YVYNYL

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mark “poverty jetset” schoneveld is the man behind yvynyl, a cool music discovery blog. yvynyl is full of cool tracks, awesome photos, old album covers, and tips for musicians. And my personal fav is when schoneveld weighs in on interesting forward looking new biz models. If that weren’t enough – soon yvynl will expand to include original podcasts and live music videos. Definitely worth a bookmark and/or feed sub.

Building Storyworlds

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I’m a big proponent of transmedia / cross-media storytelling. It’s something that’s changed the way I approach the stories that I tell. One company that’s been doing interesting work in the area is Fourth Wall Studios. Variety has an interview with its founders who’ve been behind such groundbreaking work as The Beast and I Love Bees.

Events, not ARGs: Interview with the founders of 4th Wall

“It’s a little bit video games, a little bit Internet, all 21st century storytelling.

That’s the idea of Fourth Wall, the interactive “event” company formed by three of the founders of 42 Entertainment, makers of Microsoft’s famous “I Love Bees” alternate reality game to promote “Halo.”

All of their projects so far have been marketing campaigns for films like “Eagle Eye” (above right) and “Watchmen” (below left) and the short-lived NBC TV show “Kings.”

But they’re aggressively looking to start producing their own original content and are starting to connect with partners for just that purpose.” Read More

RELATED: I spoke with Fourth Wall co-founder Elan Lee for an episode of WBP’s TCIBR


This Week in Startups

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Caught the first episode of This Week in Startups. Broadcast / event type programming is evolving in some interesting ways. twitter is empowering a whole new type of back channel.

I love niche based programing and especially the kind that provides transparency into process. We do a lot of that over at WBP. If Jason Calacanis can bring in high caliber guests which I’m sure he will – then I’ill be watching.