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- - i heart awesome site that has a huge database of songs and videos. They claim to have over 75 billion mp3’s indexed! Hours of fun.

Black Hole by Charles Burns

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just re-read Black Hole

black hole

by Charles Burns. 10 years in the making, it creates an amazing atmosphere that is rich with the awkwardness of youth. it’s been optioned and is in development. it is a film that I’d love to make.


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Sweetcron is an open source lifestreaming application. Supports a variety of services and feeds. Best part is its self hosted.

NEBULA (2000)

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nebula from lance weiler on Vimeo.

I’ve made a number of short experimental films over the years. This is one of them. You’ll never guess what the original source material is…

IRAN – Buddy

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I’m excited for the release of IRAN’s new album Dissolver. Been awhile in the making. Here’s a tease – a track called “Buddy” IRAN features Aaron Aites, Kyp Malone, Peter Hoffman and Aaron Romanello.


Concept Horror – Collapse IV

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i ordered Collapse IV – a limited edition of 1000 – received #784 “Collapse IV features a series of investigations by philosophers, writers and artists into Concept Horror.”