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Couch Surfing

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Been playing with the Western Digital WD TV HD Media Player and the $99 device is impressive. Simple setup – just need a USB drive and a mac or pc. The device enables you to view / listen to a wide range of still, video, and audio formats via the comfort of your living room. 42”plasma + WD TV = tons of media fun


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Finally LAGTFS is released on DVD. Lost in the vaults of Paramount for years. Starring a 15 year-old Diane Lane. Members of the Clash and Sex Pistols stand in as band members. Interesting depiction of the punk movement from a feminist POV.

PRETTY POISON (1968) Noel Black

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pretty poison (1968)

Staring Anthony Perkins and Tuesday Weld. Cult classic out of print in the US but worth a viewing if you get a chance. A drifter who insist he works for the CIA hooks up with a highschool cheerleader who’s father owns a lumber yard. Arson, murder and mayhem ensue.

THE APARTMENT (1960) Billy Wilder

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On the flight to Copenhagen last month, I had the chance to view Billy Wilder’s 1960 classic, The Apartment. The movie fires on all cylinders -strong performances, great dialogue and Jack Lemon’s comedic timing is a thing of beauty.