Jumping into Streamy

I’m always on the hunt for ways to aggregate the data that surrounds my life. A way to combine my online activities while streamlining the discovery of things that I find interesting. Then there’s the desire to share those items with others and in the process see what interests them.

I’ve tried various start pages and feed aggregators. Some have been browser based others desktop apps. I’ve signed up, logged on and tested mores services and solutions then I care to recall. Which brings me to my current obsession.

Streamy is a hybrid – part feed reader, part start page, part social aggregator. This incarnation is relatively new and currently in beta. It’s an impressive service with a nice degree of customization. Where Streamy shines is in the way that it integrates IM (aim, live, gtalk, yahoo), facebook, twitter, digg, flickr, and friendfeed in addition to normal feed reader functionality. The interface is smooth and intuitive making it easy to get up and running. The final ingredient that makes Streamy standout is the ease of sharing stories with others on the platform. There are friend sharing and follow features, ways to create groups along with IM and Chat functionality that is dedicated to the Streamy platform. The following is a screen cast that provides an overview of the service.

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