Inventing The Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work

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“Inventing the Future is a bold new manifest0 for life after capitalism. Against the confused understanding of our high-tech world by both the right and the left, this book claims that the emancipatory and future-oriented possibilities of our society can be reclaimed. Instead of running from a complex future, Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams demand a postcapitalist economy capable of advancing standards, liberating humanity from work and developing technologies that expand our freedoms.”

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Cronies (2015) Michael J Larnell

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Louis and Jack have been friends since forever, so how could anything as lame as adulthood change that? But Louis’s first adorable attempts at grown-folk business are increasingly at odds with Jack’s ceaseless quest for new damns not to give. One hot summer day, Louis makes plans with his new friend Andrew, and Jack refuses to get left behind, both metaphorically and literally. Twenty-four hours later, everything has changed.

Cronies opens tomorrow as part of IFP’s Screen Forward series. From Dec 11th to the 17th you can catch Michael J Larnell’s directorial debut at the Made in NYC Media Center – click here for more details.

Hitchcock Truffaut (2015) Kent Jones

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Hitchcock Truffaut is a wonderful look at the art and craft of Hitchcock in his own words. The impact of Hitchcock’s influence on cinema is wide reaching and Kent Jones’ doc sheds new light on the 1966 encounter that birthed the quintessential book on directing “Hitchcock by Truffaut.” The doc opens in limited release this weekend and will roll out to additional cities in the coming months.


Monument Valley – now free for a limited time

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If you haven’t played Monument Valley you’re missing out on a beautiful and expertly crafted game. Created by a lone developer, the game pulled in over 5.8 million in sales and was the Apple game of the year. Well today’s your lucky day! Monument Valley which is normally $4, is now a free download for iOS and Android. Not sure how long it will last but well worth the download.


The 13 Coolest Abandoned Hotels and Resort Towns

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Moonlight Motel

Located in some of the most luxurious and coveted spots around the world, these hotels and resorts used to have guests filing in and out for summer getaways and honeymoons. Now, the only things inhabiting the suites, ballrooms and lavish indoor swimming pools are mold and rodents.

But does that actually make these 13 hotels and resort towns cooler? Hell yeah it does.

I know, usually the adjectives ‘cool’ and ‘abandoned’ don’t seem like they should be used in the same sentence, but they should be when you’re talking about forgotten resort towns and hotels. From fancy French resorts to New York ski resorts, here are 13 hotels and resort towns you should consider visiting even though it might not come with a place to stay.

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Through the Looking Glass

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Decoded – dives into the text of Lewis Carroll’s classic and unlocks hidden meanings that take you beyond the looking glass. An interesting companion that also includes the full original text. Almost 20 years in the making this work by Scholar David Day started in 1996.


From the publisher’s site: This gorgeous 150th anniversary edition of Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland is also a revelatory work of scholarship. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a book many of us love and feel we know well. But it turns out we have only scratched the surface. Scholar David Day has spent many years down the rabbit hole and has emerged with a revelatory new view of its contents. What we have here, he brilliantly and persuasively argues, is a complete classical education in coded form – Carroll’s gift to his “wonder child” Alice Liddell. Day reveals the many layers of teaching, concealed by manipulation of language, that are carried so lightly in the beguiling form of a fairy tale. His novel is a memory palace, given to Alice as the great gift of an education delivered in coded form because in that age, it was a gift no girl would receive in any other way. Day also shows how the characters in the book are based on real Victorians. Wonderland, he shows, is a veritable Who’s Who of Oxford.