Dojo Rising – Cloud Control

Bizarre video for Dojo Rising off the new album Dream Cave from Australia’s Cloud Control. Catchy tune + strange revenge tale + creepy clowns = win.

Book written in twitter

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I wrote a book in twitter on storytelling & design based on a course I teach at Columbia University. Written in tweets and available in 140 limited edition hardcover copies the project is an experiment in scarcity & abundance. Read More


40 days of dating

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Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 8.31.55 PM

Enjoyed this reality based project that documents 40 days of dating between two friends that have failed at love. Nice mix of design and storytelling. I particularly like the simplicity of how the story is presented side by side.

Check it out: 40 days of dating

I first played this a few years back but have recently started playing it with my son. It’s an amazing game that is stunning in terms of its artfulness. It also evolves the point and click adventure while paying homage at the same time. Well worth the download.

thrift art

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Artists Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal are breathing new life into thrift store landscape art.

Hat tip (twisted sifter)