Superorganism – Everybody Wants To Be Famous

“Superorganism, a globally disparate indie pop collective whose expansive cut’n’paste musical MO reflects the utopian possibility of the online dream, minus the tarnished reality of toxic social media and fake news. Superorganism are a refreshingly modern band, one who bonded over Skype and live in a DIY studio / HQ in East London where they produce music via email, passing files back and forth like a manically inspired game of tennis. More importantly, Superorganism’s sound is a hugely accomplished reflection of the present, a magpie-friendly collage of pop that is reminiscent of the Avalanches, the Go! Team or Beck at his most light-hearted, dragged into a world where Instagram Stories have replaced dusty vinyl scratches as cultural currency.” via pitchfork

‘It Takes a While to Figure Out Who You Really Are’: Artist Paul McMahon on His Curious Menagerie of a Career

Paul McMahon, Have a Nice Day, 1977. The first time the artist Paul McMahon told anyone that the Goddess had appeared to him in a vision and informed him that he was the king of the universe, the person he was telling “looked like he was going to punch me,” McMahon said last weekend.

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The Crazy Stories Behind 6 Of The World’s Rarest Colors

There’s a rare collection tucked away in the Harvard Art Museum–but not of art. It’s the Forbes Pigment Collection, a vault of more than 2,500 pigments from across the world that chemists and historians use to learn more about how artists have used materials through the centuries.

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