- - i heart is an open-source package that enables you to easily make and host your own mixtapes online. Easy to install – all you need do is create a directory and upload the the files. Nice ajax type backend enables you to drag and drop the order of your playlist. Even includes a embeddable player

Bambi Killers nyc

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Have you seen the Bambi Killers? A cross between Grindhouse, Switchblade Sisters, and a Kenneth Anger film – the Bambi Killers put on an electric performance. We recentaly shot an episode of RADAR with them.

David Holzman’s Diary (1967) Jim McBride

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I remember seeing this film for the first time and when the end credits rolled I was blown away. A big infulence on my first feature film The Last Broadcast. David Holzman’s Diary is a cinematic treasure that is well worth the watch if you can find it.

- - i heart awesome site that has a huge database of songs and videos. They claim to have over 75 billion mp3’s indexed! Hours of fun.

Black Hole by Charles Burns

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just re-read Black Hole

black hole

by Charles Burns. 10 years in the making, it creates an amazing atmosphere that is rich with the awkwardness of youth. it’s been optioned and is in development. it is a film that I’d love to make.