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Colorbind an artful weave

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Recently stumbled upon Colorbind, an artful game for the iphone / ipod touch. It’s a fun and mellow app where gameplay involves connecting dots as you weave color strips together using your finger. A nice feature is the ability to save the ribbon art you create while playing.

FCKD Mag the art of shopdropping

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Ryan Watkins-Hughes, founder of the FCKD Mag project, is a deconstructionist through and through. In this latest project, Ryan is making a social commentary on advertisements by purchasing the flashiest, advert filled magazines and altering the covers as well as the ads inside of the magazine. By adding his artwork to the already printed magazine Ryan is replacing the “junk food for the brain” with his own work. Once he hacks the magazines he then “shopdrops” them back on the shelf, to be picked up by an unsuspecting consumer.

Cassette Art

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Erika Iris Simmons uses analog things like vhs tapes, audio cassettes and 8mm film to create her art. “Ghosts in the Machine” is a series that creates 50 portraits using things that have become junk to many.



SUNDANCE – a look at the frontier section

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I spent the last few days at the Sundance Film Festival. When I’m at the fest I always make it a point to checkout the Frontier which is located in the basement of a mall. Its a sprawling space that brings together a nice mix of new media, tech and art. Here are a few pics.