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The Flaming Lips 12 tracks of madness

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A few months ago the Flaming Lips released “Two Blobs Fucking” a 12 track song that could only be played when 12 youtube vids we’re cued at the same time. Kevin Phillips created a script to aid the effort. Click here to automate the process.

BUZZ (Mark Pellington)

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Was a fan of Mark Pellington’s experimental Buzz back in the early 90’s. Cutting edge programming. Hadn’t seen it in years until this showed up on Boing Boing. Hat tip filmmaker mag.


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For those who may wonder what Text of Light means, it’s a 1974 experimental feature film by Stan Brakhage. I’ve been a fan of Brakhage’s films since I was 17 and making my first films with a spring wound bolex. His films are visually intoxicating and have been a major influence on many. Prolific, Brakhage made hundreds of films most of which had no sound. His film Dog Star Man is by far the film I’ve seen the most times – and I mean of any film not just his work. In 1992, while traveling on a cross country trip, I stopped off in Colorado in hopes of meeting him. I ended up tracking him down and we spent the day hanging out – we even shot some film!

Getting all meta – Text of Light an improvisational group of musicians inspired by Brakhage’s film of the same name re-score the film live in Rotterdam.

NEBULA (2000)

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nebula from lance weiler on Vimeo.

I’ve made a number of short experimental films over the years. This is one of them. You’ll never guess what the original source material is…