I’m Here (2010) Spike Jonze

I’d missed out on seeing the short at Sundance but signed up to receive a ticket once it became available online. I received the following email tonight.


When I went to the site it mentioned that 3,785 tickets we’re available. Found myself wondering if limited viewing was due to tech limitations of the server or if it was a play on creating a demand based on scarcity. Either way it is an interesting way to release a short. It gave the feeling of something special in a connected world that’s become all about the “right now.” But at its core it was the story that carried the experience. Hats off to Jonez for making a heartfelt piece of branded content that took me some place and didn’t bother to shove a brand or a sale down my throat. I really hope that this type of branded content becomes the norm – subtle with art, craft and engaging storytelling.