Things we lost in the flood – Awkward Silence Games

Game description: “Survive the downpour by sailing through the flooded world and building your little boat as you go.

Write a message in a bottle to other players about anything. Tell a story, share a secret, try to help a player or even harm them

Read other player’s messages and choose whether to throw it back into the ocean or destroy it forever.”

The Shining – unseen interview with Stanley Kubrick

Towards the end of post-production on The Shining Jun’ichi Yaoi visited Stanley Kubrick’s offices at EMI Elstree Studios to investigate reports of paranormal activity on the set there were several accidents and a major fire during production which were prominently reported by the media at the time.

This raw footage was likely shot for an unreleased/unaired Japanese paranormal TV documentary

The Proposal 2019 – poster design

Derek Gabryszak share his creative process…

“In January, Oscilloscope Laboratories got in touch to ask if I would be interested in experimenting with them on a poster for an upcoming film.

The experiment would take the form of an unorthodox approach to designing the key art for Jill Magid’s art world documentary, THE PROPOSAL. It started with a creative brief consisting solely of 12 keywords that O-Scope and Magid fed to me. I was not to see the movie, or read anything further about it. In fact, at this stage, I knew nothing beyond the film’s title.” READ MORE