I’ve been tracking thesixtyone for a bit. The first version of the site matched social gaming with music discovery. The newest incarnation has taken a slightly different approach one which is more discovery focused with a mix of simple challenges called quests that encourage you to listen to music and gain reputation points.


The part I love about the new design is the simplicity and richness of the interface.


We Are Hunted

Twitter real-time search is starting to spawn various sites and services that are finding interesting ways to use the data that Twitter makes available. We Are Hunted has a new extension of their trending charts (they already track p2p, blogs, facebook, forums, myspace) for the top 99 tracks being tweeted about on Twitter. A visual interface, streamlined player and “click to buy” feature make for a simple discovery site. What excites me most is that the emerging real-time web is unlocking all types of new discovery options.

Worth a Bookmark – YVYNYL

mark “poverty jetset” schoneveld is the man behind yvynyl, a cool music discovery blog. yvynyl is full of cool tracks, awesome photos, old album covers, and tips for musicians. And my personal fav is when schoneveld weighs in on interesting forward looking new biz models. If that weren’t enough – soon yvynl will expand to include original podcasts and live music videos. Definitely worth a bookmark and/or feed sub.