Cards Against Humanity

Billed as a free party game for horrible people, Cards Against Humanity was released in 2011 after exceeding it’s initial kickstarter campaign by 300%. The free download “print it yourself” version or the paid physical card versions are available under a creative commons license. This past holiday season the Cards Against Humanity team experimented with a “pay what you want” pricing model. Last week they shared the results in an extensive infographic. The end result, $70,000 in profit which the team donated to wikipeadia.

Screen Shot 2012-12-25 at 2.02.45 PM


See the full breakdown of the “pay what you want” campaign.


Danger Mouse’s new Dark Night of the Soul to be released as a blank cd-r along with a 100+ book of conceptual photographs by David Lynch inspired by the music. The decision to release the blank cd-r stems from a legal dispute with EMI. Dark Night of the Soul features collaborations with Iggy Pop, Sparklehorse, The Flaming Lips and many more.

Track featuring Vic Chestnut

Will be interesting to see how the album leaks and if it takes a similar path that Danger Mouse’s Grey Album did.