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HOUSE (1977) Nobuhiko Obayashi

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Novuhiko Obayashi’s flick Hausu aka House is just bizarre. It’s all over the place and bound to leave a lasting impression. A mind trip of a ghost tale mixed with warped bedtime story. The best quote that I’ve seen “an episode of Scooby Doo as directed by Dario Argento.”

CARDBOARD a cardboard animation!

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House of the Devil (2009) Ti West

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I’m sucker for 80’s horror and this throwback looks like it nails the best aspects of the genre. Over at the WorkBook Project I sat down with Ti to discuss his work. We’ll be posting the podcast in the next few weeks. Until then make sure to check out the flick which hits theaters on Oct. 30th.

Harmony Korine’s newest feature will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival

U.S.A/2009, 78 min, color: A film unearthed from the buried landscape of the American nightmare, TRASH HUMPERS follows a small group of elderly Peeping Toms through the shadows and margins of an unfamiliar world. Crudely documented by the participants themselves, we follow the debased and shocking actions of a group of true sociopaths the likes of which have never been seen before. Inhabiting a world of broken dreams and beyond the limits of morality they crash against a torn and frayed America. Bordering on an ode to vandalism,it is a new type of horror; palpable and raw.

hat tip filmmaker mag

This film had a major impact on me when I first saw it at the age of 18. Especially love the look, palette and pacing.