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What caught my attention was the combo of doc feel mixed with sci-fi. Love the concept of an alen containment camp.

I remember seeing this film for the first time and when the end credits rolled I was blown away. A big infulence on my first feature film The Last Broadcast. David Holzman’s Diary is a cinematic treasure that is well worth the watch if you can find it.

Finally LAGTFS is released on DVD. Lost in the vaults of Paramount for years. Starring a 15 year-old Diane Lane. Members of the Clash and Sex Pistols stand in as band members. Interesting depiction of the punk movement from a feminist POV.

One of my favs of the year. unexpected in so many ways. nice play on the vampire genre.

On the flight to Copenhagen last month, I had the chance to view Billy Wilder’s 1960 classic, The Apartment. The movie fires on all cylinders -strong performances, great dialogue and Jack Lemon’s comedic timing is a thing of beauty.