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Tiny Wings 2

lw —  July 7, 2012 — Leave a comment

Tiny Wings is an awesome indie game by lone developer Andreas Illiger. An overnight success, the app blowup and was top download on the app store at .99 a pop. Now Andreas is getting ready to launch the 2nd version. Here’s an awesome lofi game trailer.

Bonus: Check out this interview Andreas Illiger “Tiny Wings success was scary…”

Angry Birds – real world

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Angry Birds appears to be unstoppable. Movies, cook books not to mention It’s the game I see most people playing on trains and plans. Now you can even play it in the real world.

Tiny Wings

lw —  February 26, 2011 — Leave a comment

Tiny Wings FTW!

The Whitney commissioned UBERMORGEN.COM to create CLICKISTAN, an interactive art piece meets funding initiative meets game. Players click their way through a number of mini games on a path to a donation opportunity.


Copenhagen Game Collective

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indie games + creative collective = epic win. The Copenhagen Game Collective is a group of indie game developers who craft interesting work in an open environment.

From the site
We create games of all types: browser-based games, pervasive games, card games, board games, adventure games, wiimote games, gesture-based games, mobile games, mods, interactive stories, and other strange hybrids. The diversity of these games reflects our belief that creativity breeds creativity. The loose structure of the collective, encompassing a network of developers and collaborators, aims to create synergies between all our various projects.