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Kid Koala

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We recentally finished a new RADAR ep on Kid Koala.

Most people know Kid Koala as a world famous DJ and turntablist. But the soundscapes he composes are only one element of his expansive creative universe. His newest project, Space Cadet, is a sketch-board graphic novel about an astronaut girl, her guardian robot, and their adventures through space. Partly inspired by the recent birth of his daughter, Space Cadet is accompanied by a hypnotic soundtrack, recorded late at night so he wouldn’t wake her. Kid Koala explores a wide variety of instruments and visual tools to craft this wintertime lullaby and storybook.

Missed Connections

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Each week Sophie Blackall scans the missed connections listed on Craigslist and brings them to life in an illustrated interpretation of moment lost in time.

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RADAR recently did an episode which captures Blackall’s creative process.