A new infrastructure

I recently contributed a post to Thompson on Hollywood. There’s been quite a bit of talk about the woes of the industry and I thought I’d contribute something to the discussion that focused on some simple steps towards the future.

Where the industry goes from here is going to require a rethinking of the infrastructure that supports it. To realistically move forward, innovation, experimentation and R&D is needed to help create an OPEN framework that will improve the funding, creation, distribution and discovery of truly independent work.

Here are some thoughts:

1. Keep it Open. As the industry shifts, it is key to build the next generation of discovery, creation, and distribution upon systems that embrace the following:
– Open software/hardware that encourages innovation and rewards improvements on functionality.
– Open business models that enable filmmakers, distributors, exhibitors, and audiences to sell, trade, and share films in ways that directly reward performance and encourage a healthy sense of competition.
– Transparency: In the age of connected devices and the real-time web, there is NO reason why tracking, performance and reporting can’t be accessible in real-time.

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Interview Project

David Lynch is behind a new web series doc venture entitled Interview Project. IP is a spontaneous cross country trip that will travel 20,000 miles over the next 70 days and interview 121 people along the way. The interviews will be conducted with those individuals that catch the filmmakers interest, with a new interview going live on the site every 3 days.

It’s interesting to see Absurda expanding the Lynch brand online. Davidlynch.com is a free / subscription fee model site that offers all things Lynch, from daily weather reports to frequent visits to Bob’s Big Boys for coffee and cigarettes, the site has been an early play at an online pay model for the director. Absurda has also assisted with the DIY release of Inland Empire and now appears to be experimenting with online serialized content.

Back when Inland Empire came out I sat down with Eric Basstte, managing partner of Absurda to discuss the release and Absurda’s future plans.