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Movie posters by Matt Owen

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I’m a sucker for minimalistic renditions of movie posters. Matt Owen who often does live read posters for Film Independent has a wonderful collection of work here.





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Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) makes a twisted psychological thriller.

Poster design – Christian Broutin

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Got turned onto the work of Christian Broutin by the folks at Mubi.

From Mubi…

A few months ago I came across another great poster attributed to Broutin and in my search for a better quality image for the poster I discovered his website (“Welcome to the site of Christian Broutin, maxi-realist painter, illustrator, creator of stamps”) which told me that Christian Broutin is alive and well, now aged 78, living outside Paris and still a working illustrator. I emailed him and we struck up a conversation—me in my broken French—about his life and work.

Worth a Bookmark – HAMMER TO NAIL

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Looking for something beyond the summer blockbuster? Hammer to Nail is a champion of films that fly under the mainstream radar. Written by those who love film, Hammer to Nail offers a breath of fresh air by covering what is “truly” independent film. So before you download, rent, or head out to the cinema check out HTN.