Looking for a simple way to sell something online? Want to sell a design, a song or a download link to your film? Then gumroad might be for you. Founded in 2012, by an early pinterest team member, Gumroad closed a 8.9 million dollar round of funding to further its goal – “if you can share it, you can sell it.”

I’ve been using gumroad to sell a tweet book that I wrote and the service is so painless. Definitely worth your time.


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Pandemic 1.0 heads to Sundance

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be headed to the Sundance Film Festival with a new project entitled Pandemic 1.0 This marks the first step in a rolling release of a new storyworld that I’ve been building. It is part of what I’ve been calling a storytelling R&D (research and development) process.

Pandemic 1.0 Lance Weiler (U.S.A.)
Pandemic 1.0 is a transmedia storytelling experience that spans film, mobile, online, real-world, social gaming and data visualization. Over the course of the festival the story will unfold enabling viewers / players to step into the shoes of our protagonists. The story experience starts when a mysterious sleep virus begins to affect the adults in a small rural town, the youth soon find themselves cut off from civilization and fighting for their lives. Will they survive? Can you survive?