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MakerBot prints Thom Yorke’s head

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I’m a fan of MakerBot “robots that make things.” I got to spend some time with the MakerBot team a few months back. We shot an episode of RADAR with them which will be airing later this year and I wrote about them in the current issue of Filmmaker Mag. The following is a cool bts look at the transformation from 3D render to physical object.

(hat tip: bre from MakerBot)

RiP! A Remix Manifesto

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Pitchfork is showing Brett Gaylor’s film RiP! A Remix Manifesto this week for FREE. I got to see the film at SXSW and loved it. It is a great overview of some of the issues surrounding copyright in the US. Well worth a watch. The film is split into sections on the Pitchfork site.

Open Video

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Next month I’ll be attending the Open Video Conference in NYC. I’ll be speaking with producer Ted Hope about the “evolution of storytelling.” In other words how is technology and changes in media consumption impacting the art and craft of telling stories.

Today I posted a short interview with OVC organizers over at the Filmmaker Magazine blog.

If you’ll be attending the conference drop me a line. I’m going to try to attend both days but unfortunately won’t be able to attend the Open Hacker day on Sunday have to fly to Europe.

- - i heart is an open-source package that enables you to easily make and host your own mixtapes online. Easy to install – all you need do is create a directory and upload the the files. Nice ajax type backend enables you to drag and drop the order of your playlist. Even includes a embeddable player