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Kid Koala

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We recentally finished a new RADAR ep on Kid Koala.

Most people know Kid Koala as a world famous DJ and turntablist. But the soundscapes he composes are only one element of his expansive creative universe. His newest project, Space Cadet, is a sketch-board graphic novel about an astronaut girl, her guardian robot, and their adventures through space. Partly inspired by the recent birth of his daughter, Space Cadet is accompanied by a hypnotic soundtrack, recorded late at night so he wouldn’t wake her. Kid Koala explores a wide variety of instruments and visual tools to craft this wintertime lullaby and storybook.

RADAR 36 – Start Trekkin

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Start Trekkin is a New York based long form improv group centered around the original Star Trek television series. Start Trekkin examines humanity through the medium of the popular 60’s television show, using it as a pop-reference point for the human experience. Using scattered suggestions from the audience, the Troupe will perform a 60 minute live show, manipulating the staples of the galactic series, such as melodrama and comedy, all the way through stage combat and downright sillyness. True to form, they address the human condition, using a surprising yet familiar vessel, with original characters and off-the-cuff situations, telling a story we can all identify with.

RADAR 34 – I Hate Perfume

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I recently directed an episode of RADAR a series that focuses on innovation and storytelling. To see more of the streamy nominated series visit

Ryan Watkins-Hughes, founder of the FCKD Mag project, is a deconstructionist through and through. In this latest project, Ryan is making a social commentary on advertisements by purchasing the flashiest, advert filled magazines and altering the covers as well as the ads inside of the magazine. By adding his artwork to the already printed magazine Ryan is replacing the “junk food for the brain” with his own work. Once he hacks the magazines he then “shopdrops” them back on the shelf, to be picked up by an unsuspecting consumer.

The Universal Record Database

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URDB is an awesome site that enables anyone to set world records. “The definitive site for human achievement.” We had the honor of working with Dan and Corey the co-founders of URDB for an episode of RADAR back during season One. If you have a world record in you itching to get out head over to and join in the fun.