Two talks

I’ll be in London next week taking part in Digital Week. I’ll be speaking at the Protein Forum. If you happen to be in London check it out.

Protein forum

But before I fly out on Sunday I’ll be speaking at IFP’s Filmmaker Conference in NYC here’s a description

Join respected independent film pioneers along with a new guard of thinkers who are diversifying the industry through their approach to both the art and business of independent cinema.

Ted Hope, Partner/Founder/Producer – This is That – 21 Grams, Adventureland
Christine Vachon, Principal – Killer Films – One Hour Photo Boys Don’t Cry, I’m Not There
Lance Weiler, Writer/Director – The Workbook Project
Kenneth Woo, Co-Founder – Massify

Evolution of Storytelling

This morning I did a remote discussion around transmedia and the “evolution of storytelling” for a number of European TV writers. The discussion covered a range of topics such as how to craft stories for new emerging platforms, the impact of media consumption habits and the changing role of authorship.

The view from Cardiff, Wales

Futures of the doc

I’m in SF this weekend for BAVC’s Producers Institute for New Media Technologies conference. I’m speaking on a panel entitled “The Future of Visual Storytelling: Content-Driven Technologies and the New Documentary Movement.” Here’s the description:

There is no question that the way people consume content has fundamentally changed over the last several years. Whether online, on mobile devices, DVD/BluRay, or in physical spaces, the way we tell stories is also changing. What is the future of documentary filmmaking, with the reality of shorter attention spans, laptop culture and evolving technology that enables new ways to interact with narrative content? This panel will explore the emerging developments, new opportunities and technical challenges in the field – is interactivity the end of traditional narrativity?

I believe that some of the answers to the above will come from transmedia experimentation. Transmedia what? Check out the following video for a description.

Henry Jenkins on Transmedia – November 2009 from niko on Vimeo.

Open Video

Next month I’ll be attending the Open Video Conference in NYC. I’ll be speaking with producer Ted Hope about the “evolution of storytelling.” In other words how is technology and changes in media consumption impacting the art and craft of telling stories.

Today I posted a short interview with OVC organizers over at the Filmmaker Magazine blog.

If you’ll be attending the conference drop me a line. I’m going to try to attend both days but unfortunately won’t be able to attend the Open Hacker day on Sunday have to fly to Europe.