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Cross My Heart

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Stumbled upon this music discovery meets street art installation hybrid. These boxes have been placed around Tokyo, London, LA, NYC and Vienna.

So far all I’ve found is the following cryptic description…

“…more than just a multimedia project, it’s an experience.”
“…brings the thrill of discovery back to music.”

Aakash Nihalani

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Was excited to see this new work by Aakash. We did an episode of Radar with him a few years back (see below). Love the way Aakash uses simple materials in very effective ways. For those in NYC, Aakash has a solo show running from Jan 13th – Feb 9th at Jonathan LeVine .

Hat tip Colossal

Crosswalk art

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Pedestrians collaborate with artist by walking. As people crossed the street they’d walk through a pad of green paint. Their footprints became the leaves that filled the tree.

Green Pedestrian Crossing by Jody Xiong

hat tip (m0iety)

Bridge Made of Legos

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In Germany a bridge is given a lego makeover.

From freshome

In Wuppertal, Germany, the underside of a bridge was painted by German street artist Megx in a playful Lego-inspired pattern showcasing red, yellow, green and blue building blocks, with a large darker green platform on top. Martin Meuwold – by his real name – transformed the old train overpass with the help of a construction team’s supervision. It took 4 weeks to complete the 250 square meter project, but the results brighten up the street below the bridge that used to be a train rail but is now a pedestrian and bicycle path.

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