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This is a collaboration developed by elevenplay√óRhizomatiks who has been the pursuing possibilities of relationship and interaction between the body and technology by interacting with a variety of hardware and devices such as robot arms and motor-controlled floating balls. In this new work, objects are arranged three-dimensionally in real space through a tracking technology and drone control system, and the work, in which dancers give performances, has been presented so as to find the possibility of a new bodily expression.

Abies Electronicus

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The Abies Electronicus is the latin name for electronic fir, a contemporary christmas tree, glowing in the night in the snowy village of Guebwiller. It is a metallic structure of scaffolding, emitting sound and visuals every week end in December. Design and show by 1024 Architecture, original sound by Vincent Viluis.


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Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) makes a twisted psychological thriller.

Jan 30th 1969

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The Beatles last live performance took place Jan 30th 1969 on the roof of Apple Records.

Get Back – 01:03
Don’t let Me Down – 04:18
I’ve Got a Feeling – 07:53
One After 909 – 11:35
Dig a Pony – 14:38
Get Back 18:30

The Invisible Bicycle Helment

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7 years and 10 million in VC funding later two design students did something no one had done before or thought was even possible. They developed an airbag / helment for the bicycle.