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The WorkBook Project launches a new Discovery and Distribution Award – after the success of FROM HERE TO AWESOME which assisted 22 films in reaching theaters, living rooms, mobile devices and computers we’ve decided to expand the concept into film, music, gaming, design and software. The first edition of the WBP Discovery and Distribution Award will give a filmmaker a week long theatrical run in LA with full PR, Street Team and Social Media support. The filmmaker keeps 100% of the box office. In addition 20 feature films will receive a digital distribution package that will place them on Hulu, Xbox, iTunes and NetFlix. For more info visit

RADAR is kicking off a second season on Babelgum starting 10.28. To celebrate here’s another ep from last season.

House of the Devil (2009) Ti West

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I’m sucker for 80’s horror and this throwback looks like it nails the best aspects of the genre. Over at the WorkBook Project I sat down with Ti to discuss his work. We’ll be posting the podcast in the next few weeks. Until then make sure to check out the flick which hits theaters on Oct. 30th.

RADAR has sizzle

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RADAR now has a sizzle reel. Big thanks to JC at House of Trim.

Color Me Katie

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Today we wrapped the first season of RADAR! Our final shoot was with Color Me Katie. Katie Sokoler is a street artist who believes that random acts of kindness can be infectious. She’s seen it first hand. After launching her blog last October she’s gained a global following, many of whom have been so inspired by her work that they’ve created their own.

Our final shoot day was spent placing shadows and thought bubbles throughout Brooklyn.

Favs of the day a Mexican Popeye in front of a laundromat and a poodle named “movie star” thinking about cats.

The day also marked a milestone for WBP – what started as an experiment almost 2 and half years ago has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last six months. RADAR marks a step in a new direction. One of which provides direct creative opportunities to the community that WBP servers. Finishing out the season with Katie was a great way to top things off.