Little Cardboard People

Anton Tang photographs little box people…

From Anton’s site: “There are times when many of us would like to cover our heads with a cardboard box and shield ourselves from the outside world. Other times, we walk around feeling like a faceless, boxed-up production from assembly lines. Yet, whatever our experiences, the plain facts give us hope: we are all human, we are not alone.”


Jonathan Harris – Today

Jonathan Harris’ work centers on memory. We Feel Fine was a powerful data viz project that captured memories by crawling the web for the phrase “I feel” or “I’m feeling” the result was a stunning and moving project. Now Jonathan has a new project entitled Today.

From youtube:

When Jonathan Harris ( ) turned 30, he began a simple ritual of taking one photo a day and posting it to his website before going to sleep, along with a short story. He called this project, ‘Today’.


Lately I’ve been enjoying Picplz a simple photo sharing app for the android. Similar to Instagram, Picplz allows for simple photo manipulation and then offers some cool sharing options. There’s twitter, facebook, flickr, tumblr, posterous and the best dropbox. I love that I can backup the photos easily to the cloud.