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The Art of AI

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On Tuesday, June 28th we’ll be exploring “The Art of AI.” The evening will examine the opportunities and challenges presented when machine learning and storytelling collide. This is a unique conversation with leading experts working in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Together we’ll explore the impact of AI on narrative and the role that it can play in building rich immersive storytelling experiences.

After the talk/group discussion we’ll shift our efforts to the design of the upcoming Sherlock Holmes & the Internet of Things event. This session will include a special exploration of the play space at the Film Society of Lincoln Center as we continue to design and prototype the connected crime scene that will be staged at the New York Film Festival later this fall.

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20+ Inspiring Social Innovation Lab Examples Worldwide

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Social innovation labs are increasingly popping up and evolving all over the world. They mostly focus on startups and business development around topics such as energy, environment, civic participation or the cities as a laboratories. For an introduction to social innovation read my blog post.

Most buzz is often about innovation labs focusing on startups (incubators and accelerators) often sponsored by venture capitalists or companies with a clear for-profit focus. But a lot is happening outside this scope focusing on people, society, challenges and how new technologies and new form of cooperation can result in change and impact. If you think that this is still at its beginning, you are most probably right, but the innovation lab landscape is changing quickly – just look at the Fablab movement or Google’s recent venture, Sidewalk Lab.

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The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

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It had taken Pizza more than two years to reach this milestone. In late 2010 she had signed up for Tumblr, the then-three-year-old social network, and secured the URL At first, she mostly posted photos of party outfits—hipster photos, she thought.    Read More

How one woman’s app is changing politics in the digital age

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For a woman whose day-to-day work revolves around reimagining democracy for the digital era, Pia Mancini is pretty relaxed. On a windy day in San Francisco, where the Argentine political scientist is based, she Skypes me between meetings, her hair whipping across her face in the breeze.    
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