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Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) makes a twisted psychological thriller.


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New supercut from kogonada highlights Kubrick’s use of “one-point perspective.”

The Invisible Bicycle Helment

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7 years and 10 million in VC funding later two design students did something no one had done before or thought was even possible. They developed an airbag / helment for the bicycle.

Room 237 – Rodney Ascher

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Rodney Ascher explores the mystery and conspiracies surrounding Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 film The Shining.

In 1980 Stanley Kubrick released his masterpiece of modern horror, The Shining. Over 30 years later we are still struggling to understand its hidden meanings. Rodney Ascher’s film Room 237 is an exploration of the truths concealed in The Shining.

You’re Next

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Adam Wingard’s new flick You’re Next looks awesome. I was a fan of Pop Skull and this new horror / thriller looks to be genre eye candy. Fresh off a bidding war at TIFF the film will get a nice rollout from Lionsgate but you’ll have to wait to the fall 2012. Until then you can look at these cool shots from the film.

Family reunions can be a real bitch. All fun and amicable on the surface, yet underneath the tensions are ready to boil over. Welcome to the Davison clan’s opulent country house, where a get-together gets ugly and bloody — fast.

When Crispian Davison (A.J. Bowen) brings his new girlfriend Erin (Sharni Vinson) along to celebrate the wedding anniversary of his parents (Rob Moran and Re-Animator’s Barbara Crampton), the worst thing either of them expects is some awkward conversation and an inadequate supply of whiskey. But an evening of sibling rivalry and icy barbs at the dinner table is shattered when an arrow smashes through the window. Enter a gang of killers in animal masks, armed with machetes, axes and a crossbow, who begin to hunt the family down with brutal precision.

Director Adam Wingard and writer Simon Barrett, who shocked audiences at last year’s Festival with their lo-fi serial-killer thriller A Horrible Way to Die, return to the scene of the crime with this solid shriek show tailor-made for Midnight Madness.

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HAIL – Amiel Courtin-Wilson

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Looking forward to checking this out. It’s Amiel’s first narrative feature and it seems as powerful as his doc work. Plus the lead is a former convict turned actor.

Putty Hill a truly indie gem

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Putty Hill is an interesting film that is intimate and packs an emotional punch. The fact that it is mainly non-actors is even more amazing. It has a wonderful feeling of being a doc but at the same time has a fluid narrative flow. It just opened this past weekend in NYC and will be rolling out to other cities soon.