Cotton Candy – PC on a stick

Bite-size computer-on-a-stick

From FXI’s site
The Cotton Candy is a USB stick sized compute device allows users a single, secure point of access to all personal cloud services and apps through their favorite operating system, while delivering a consistent experience on any screen. The device will serve as a companion to smartphones, tablets, and notebook PC and Macs, as well add smart capabilities to existing displays, TVs, set top boxes and other media that supports USB mass storage.

Tech Specs
Quad Core ARM® Mali™-400MP Graphics Processing Unit
– Quad-core ARM Mali-400MP 720p / 1080p OpenGL ES v2.0
– 30M Polygons, 1.2 GPixels / s

ARM® Cortex™-A9@1.2GHz
– NEON extensions
– TrustZone extensions

Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

Up to 64GB memory local storage (microSD)

– Android
– Ubuntu
– Virtualization client for Windows, Linux, Mac, embedded

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